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ZrO2 (Zirconium Dioxide)
M.O.P’s nanoparticles(ZrO2) can be widely used as major materials in various industries such as aerospace, medical, rechargeable battery, and semiconductor industries. In the aerospace Industry, it is used for engine components and sensors due to its high thermal durability. In the medical Industry, it is used for dental materials and artificial joints based on biocompatibility and chemical stability. In the rechargeable battery Industry, it is used to improve cell stability and performance. In the semiconductor industry, it can contribute to improving the performance of semiconductor devices by being used in electrical insulation, thermal stability, and impurity-sensitive equipment.
  • High mechanical strength & High corrosion resistance
  • Wear resistance & High melting point
  • Biocompatible
  • Low thermal conductivity & Phase stability
  • 치과 및 의료용 임플란트Dental & Medical Implants
  • 전자공학Electronics
  • 가스 센서Gas Sensor
  • 내화물Refractory Materials
  • 내마모성 부품Wear-resistant components