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3D Printing

Liquid Ceramic Process

  • Printing

    Ceramic resin is spread onto the build in layers, depositing materials according to the digital 3D design data.

  • Cleaning

    Before proceeding with cleaning, supports need to be removed. The uncured ceramic slurry on the surface of the green body also needs to be wiped off.

  • Debinding & Sintering

    Debinding is the process of the removing the binder from the green body parts.

    Sintering is the process of densification, where diffusion of particles surfaces takes place and ceramic parts begin to bind together, closing off the voids where the binder material previously was. The part shrinks about 20~25% in the xyz 3-axis direction.

DLP-based 4K Resolution Zirconia Printer

3D printing technology is specialized in producing small and complex structures using various materials. Precise and intricate ceramic products can be manufactured using photocurable ceramic materials.
Technology DLP (Top-down)
Size (mm) 800 x 600 x 480
Weight (kg) 120
Light Source Wavelength (nm) 405
Build Size (mm) 120(L) x 80(W) x 40(H)
X-Y resolution (μm) 40
Display resolution (px) 3840 x 2160
Layer Thickness (μm) 50
Printing Speed 40 min per cm(H)
Special Features
  • A top-down approach specialized in ceramic material
  • High light source
  • High precision